Fat Injections to Cure Hair Loss and Baldness

Two of the most common tell-tale signs of advancing years are loss or thinning of the hair and stubborn weight gain (the dreaded ‘middle-age spread’). Suitable for those looking to maintain a more youthful appearance, Dr Lemierre at Epilium & Skin has developed a special treatment to deal with both issues at the same time. Fat transfer for hair loss is the increasing novel and ingenious way for combating balding hair.

How to reverse hair loss by injecting stem cells into the scalp?

Hair loss doesn’t just affect 50% of men, 45% of women can experience it too. The most common hair loss patients mentally suffer from what is called androgenic alopecia. It is characterized by progressive thinning of the scalp hair especially in the frontal, mid scalp and crown.

Stem cells are known for repairing and regenerating various tissues. Many studies prove that adipose derived stem cells are one of the latest breakthroughs in the aesthetic field. They are one of the most promising stem cell populations as you can easily acquire them by removing a small amount of fat through soft liposuction. Hair regeneration therapy is based on the fact that adipose derived stem cells contain multiple growth factors for hair growth. They play a key role in stimulating hair follicles and curing baldness. Studies have shown an average 92% increase in hair growth as well as a 23% increase in hair count after just six months.

How does hair fat grafting work?

Before undergoing any treatment at the clinic, each patient will have a consultation with Dr Lemierre who will determine the feasibility of the treatment through a medical examination and patient history report. Patients can discuss their symptoms, medical history and desired results so that the surgeon can customize their treatment plan to each client’s specific circumstances.

The entire process is performed under local anesthesia. The pioneering new method involves harvesting fat cells through a soft liposuction from the patient (typically around the stomach for men and knees for women). The collected fat is then converted by the surgeon to a liquid called Nanofat, which is riched and highly concentrated with stem cells. The autologous adipose liquid is then injected back to the patient’s areas of the scalp.

Patients can go home the same day, Moderate swelling may be experimented the day after, but patients are presentable the next day without any noticeable changes to the appearance of the scalp.

Advantages and Results of Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment

The benefit of autologous fat transfer has been proven to be safe and well tolerated. As injectable products are natural and organic, we haven’t noticed any adverse reaction or allergies. This follicular regenerative approach thickens hair which had previously been so fine it is almost invisible. It can be done after hair transplant surgery to maintain or enhance the results. As fat grafting with stem cells is performed under local anesthesia, patients can go home the same day and are presentable the next day without noticeable changes to the appearance of the scalp. Results are visible after six months and show a visible improvement in hair growth and hair thickness as cells stimulate the underlying hair follicles.