What causes aging in the face?

The most significant sign of ageing is wrinkling and sagging skin. Few people are aware that the underlying cause of these problems is loss of fat in the face. When you are young, fat in the face is evenly distributed in the areas around your eyes, mouth, cheeks and temples. When you age this fat disappears. This loss of facial volume can lead to hollow areas around the eyes, as well as accentuation of the bony contours of cheeks and temples. This volume depreciation is responsible for the dropping the tail of an eyebrow along with “smile lines” and a sagging jawline.

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Fat Transfer To Face





What is the Fat Transfer to Face Procedure?

Autologous fat grafting, commonly called fat transfer to the face or lipofilling, is an advanced anti-ageing procedure that utilises your own stem cells to restore youthful volume and contours. Lipofilling with adipose stem cells is the cutting edge in innovative regenerative medicine which makes you look like the person you remember.

Our surgeons Dr Hayot and Dr Lemierre perform stem cell face and neck lift procedure in Epilium & Skin London’s clinic under local anesthesia in our sterile operating room. The procedure starts with a small liposuction of fat in areas like the lower abdomen and the inner thighs. These areas are the best due to their high concentration of Adipose Stem cells. The liposuction is done with a small tube which is less traumatic than conventional liposuction. Autologous fat is then rinsed, prepared to be free of cellular debris, and reintroduced into decreased areas or wrinkles in your face using small needles.

Lipostructure by Fat Reinjection

Our surgeons will then proceed to lifting and structuring your face by injecting back the harvested fat. They will restore lost shape and volume in the deflated areas all around your eyes, rebuild your cheeks and temples, and redesign jawline contours. Micro liposculpture can also be injected into wrinkles all around the mouth and eyes to smoothen them.

This procedure can be performed alone or together with others, such as blepharoplasty or a facelift.

Before the surgery, you will have an initial consultation with Dr Hayot where you will discuss your personal goals and concerns.

Advantages of Fat Transfer to Face

  • You will notice long lasting results as stem cells keep reproducing.
  • Complete facial rejuvenation without surgery.
  • Eliminate the risk of infection as fat is biocompatible and easily obtainable.
  • Very natural results as autologous fat, when transplanted, helps to form new tissue at the transplanted site. This fat will become part of surrounding tissue for harmonious increase of the volume.
  • The fat stem cells delay signs of ageing on the face and regenerate the skin tissue.
  • Growth factors contained in these stem cells will improve both skin quality and texture because of their regenerative properties.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive, and the post-surgery recovery is short.

Fat Transfer to Face Downtime

Most of our patients recover from seven to ten days depending on the individual. You may notice redness and swelling during the first two to three days. For the following weeks, residual swelling continues to decrease. Dramatic improvement will be visible after ten days. The final results will be seen in 3 months and last forever.