My new London medical clinic sees me bring the best of beauty from Paris to London. I bring with me both my medical expertise in anti-ageing, eye surgery and regenerative medicine along with a French collective of surgeons to offer my patients the best specialists.

Dr. Bernard Hayot

Whether you are interested in enquiring about breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation, body sculpting, eye surgery or hair transplants, all our practitioners are extremely qualified, with at least 15 years’ experience.

The Surgical Team

  • Dr. Bernard Hayot
    Medical Director

    With more than twenty years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field, he specialises in blepharoplasty, facelifts, Lipostructure (fat transfer) regenerative and aesthetic medicine.

    At his clinics, Dr. Bernard Hayot offers personalised consultations and cosmetic surgery treatments that consider the overall aesthetic of each patient.

    As an aesthetic surgeon who is primarily concerned with anti-ageing, Dr. Hayot was one of the first practitioners in France to use it. After 25 years of practice, he is famed for his technique and is subsequently an international trainer of high regard. Currently presiding over three successful medical clinics in Paris, his team of anti-ageing specialists and surgeons have come to London to open a new medical-clinic. Epilium & Skin London (The French Medical Beauty Clinic).

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  • Dr Guillaume Lemierre
    Plastic Surgeon and Hair Loss Expert

    Dr Lemierre is a French plastic surgeon with 15 years’ experience. He travelled the world in countries like Brazil & America to train on the latest techniques available in Aesthetic Surgery. His goal is to make his patient to feel more beautiful in the most natural way: “A better version of themselves”. I enjoy improving the aesthetic of each part of the body from injections to surgical facelift, fat transfer to improve the silhouette and soft liposuction as well as breast implants or lifting. I am also and more importantly specialized in hair implant using the FUE technique without scar, and developed with Dr Dumas our own technique called “the FUE HD” which obtain a high follicular density of hair.

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Our Specialists

  • Dr. Antoni Calmon

    Men and women from all corners of the globe come to see Dr. Calmon for his special technique and the mathematical accuracy of his work.

    Doctor Calmon’s astute medical knowledge of cosmetic dermatology has contributed to developing unprecedented rejuvenation techniques. His protocols are specially targeted towards our modern day lifestyles. Non-invasive and no downtime, his motto is “The show must go on!”

    Doctor Calmon advocates for a world of aesthetics where French refinement and harmonious proportions are bridged together. Having graduated from the most prestigious Parisian schools, and right-hand man to the renowned Doctor Dray, he now ranks among the most advanced aesthetic doctors of his generation.

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  • Andrew Velasquez

    Andrew is a leading aesthetic nurse. He is known for his unique “undetectable” approach to cosmetic treatments.

    Andrew received his dental nurse qualification from the prestigious National Examining Board of Dental Nurses.

    With over 8 years of experience in cosmetology and 2 years in aesthetics, nurse Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his field.

    His treatments are tailored to each patient, delivering an ethical, compassionate, and holistic approach.

    Andrew passionately advocates for pro-ageing and believes in “ultra-subtle” and meticulous attention to detail.

    Andrew established Faces by Andrew, Advanced Aesthetics Clinic in 2021, uniquely combining Artistry, Innovation and Excellence, to deliver tailored and effective aesthetic treatments, that enhance beauty and wellbeing.

    Andrew joined the Epilium & Skin London team in August 2023 and is now treating patients in our clinic full time.

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The Non-Surgical Team

  • Valentine Fellous
    Clinic Director

    As partner and the director of the London clinic, Valentine plays an essential part of the Epilium & Skin philosophy & DNA. Having worked alongside Medical Director, Dr. Hayot since 2010, Valentine presides over the smooth running of two prestigious cosmetic clinics in Paris. With their success story in France, they decided to bring their expertise to the UK, opening their first French medical beauty clinic in London’s surgery district -Marylebone. With her invaluable expertise and attention to detail, Valentine is responsible for the overall management and development of the Epilium & Skin London clinic.

    A word from our Clinic Director…

    I am passionate about the beauty industry and am determined to provide a top quality beauty service. When you step into our clinic, you can rest assured that we provide cutting-edge treatments while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

    —Valentine Fellous

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  • Michelle Luu

    A passionate, dependable and creative professional with expertise in guest relations, scheduling, customer care and inventory management; Michelle thrives in a team atmosphere and has extensive experience in high customer volume needs, with the ability to quickly assess each client whilst offering tailored services to fit each patients individual needs.
    With her strong communication skills and likes to inspire and encourage others to excel in opportunities within the working environment makes her an asset to Epilium & Skin.

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  • Eva Mylona
    Semi-Permanent Make-up Elite Artist

    With ten years of experience in the beauty and permanent cosmetics industry, Eva has been trained to the highest standards with the best in the industry such as Debra Robson LDN and Finishing Touches Group. Eva’s elite artist status isn’t just about her outstanding skill level, it is a reflection of her passion to deliver the best possible results, every time and for every client.

    Eva graduated in Aesthetics and Cosmetology from the faculty of Health and Caring Professions at Athens’ TEU. Holding four certificates in micro pigmentation from different countries and a degree in Aesthetics, she has attended several dermatology and medical aesthetics conferences.

    Having treating hundreds of clients, Eva also works with patients who suffered from conditions such as alopecia, cancer and trichotillomania. With her innovative approach and seamless practice, Eva is one of the leading lights of London’s new generation of semi-permanent specialists.

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