Autologous Fat Transfer

Performed for cosmetic purposes, autologous fat transfer promises to be the next evolution in aesthetic medicine. Adipose fat transfer consists of using patient stem cells as injectables which have a wide range of regenerative effects. Stem Cells Fat Transfers are considered as the key modality in regenerative medicine.

What is Fat Transfer?

Minimally invasive, safe and reliable, autologous fat grafting is the ideal substance to replenish and rejuvenate mature tissues with no risk of patient allergy.

When to Consider Fat Transfer?

  • If there are areas on your skin that seem deflated or creased, they can be easily filled with a fat transfer to face procedure.
  • If cosmetic procedures such and other non-invasive body treatment don’t show long-lasting results.
  • If you want to accentuate your body parts, there are fat transfer to buttocks and fat transfer to hips procedures available.

In our London clinic, our surgeon Dr Lemierre performs fat grafting regenerative medicine as a hair loss solution, as well as to correct facial atrophy which is part of the ageing process.

The power of fat stem cells is great. Fat stem cells have an impact on surrounding tissues by replenishing and rejuvenating them. The results of fat transfer are long lasting because they can regrow tissue.