Asian Blepharoplasty or Double Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid laser treatment surgery is an extremely delicate procedure which requires great dexterity and a bespoke approach to the patient’s needs. The precision regarding technique is crucial to ensure that patients will have the most natural result.

A percentage of the Asian population is born with a little fold on the upper eyelid (like Westerners) that gives the Asian eye a charming, natural shape. This is known as the “double eyelid”.

The other half of the Asian population have a very slanted eye shape, where the eyelid seems to form a veil (with no crease) between the eyelashes and the eyebrows -ultimately narrowing the eyes. When the palpebral fold is nonexistent, this is known as a “single eyelid”.

Over the past 50 years, surgery on the Asian eye has been one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in Asia. The majority of Asian patients who request this operation wish to open up their eye shape by having their eyelids enhanced.
It is important to respect the Asian eye shape and with this premise, he works on creating a fold so that the application of eye make up becomes easier.

In addition to the repositioning or the creation of a new palpebral fold, Asian blepharoplasty is used to rejuvenate the eyelid, remove any eye bags and treat excess skin.

A word from our Medical Director…

With years at the helm of my plastic surgery clinics in Paris, combined with my extensive expertise in oculoplastic microsurgery and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), my patients expect the most effective results with the minimum amount of downtime.

—Dr. Bernard Hayot

Black and white illustration of Asian eyes and eyebrows