Laser hair removal is an aesthetic medical procedure that offers a permanent reduction of hair and delivers excellent results for many areas of the body. At Epilium & Skin we use high setting and advanced lasers to treat all skin types from light to dark.

In scientific terms, the medical laser produces a light beam at a prescribed wavelength which is targeted at the melanin pigment of the hair.

It is the melanin that absorbs the energy from the laser, converting it into heat which is then transmitted by conduction to the hair bulb. The more melanin the more effective the laser will be.

This is why white, grey or blonde hair does not provide good indications for laser hair removal.
This heat destroys the structure in the bulb and stops further hair growth. Once the bulb has been destroyed, it is almost impossible for future growth to take place. 80% to 95% of hair is removed during the treatment, although this does depend on the patient’s age and the area to be treated.

It is worth noting that in 10% of cases, the treatment does not work, even if patients show a good indication for treatment.