Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal for men has become a common process. Numerous males want to either lessen or get rid of unwanted body hair. Male laser hair removal is a medical procedure using a concentrated beam of light to absorb the melanin pigment of the hair and stop the hair follicle from producing new hair.

There are many areas a man may want to target. Common areas include the shoulders, chest, arms and legs. Permanent back hair removal is also a popular request. If you are interested in removal of hair in private areas, such as the buttocks and scrotum, we suggest you schedule a consultation with one of our trained specialists. Your privacy is our utmost concern.

Many men may also want to use the advantages of laser hair removal for facial hair.
It is possible to reduce unwanted hair in many areas of the face, including cheeks and sideburns. However, for safety reasons we will not treat areas surrounding the eyes.

Laser hair removal is also a great solution for men who want to improve the look of their skin tone without permanently removing men’s hair. Focused treatments can thin the hair growth without removing it entirely.

Men with light skin and dark hair will get the most effective results from this treatment. However, even if your hair colour and skin type influence the results, we can still treat all skin types. Men with darker skin can be treated with our Nd:YAG machine. However, laser hair removal for men is not efficient for hair colour with a minimal melanin, like grey, white or red.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right For You?

If you wish to start a laser hair removal treatment, book a free consultation with one of our medical practitioners. During this consultation, one of our experts will determine your hair and skin type. They will discuss your medical history and inform you of the benefits, risks and contraindications. They will assess whether you are suitable for the treatment.

Our technician will evaluate the necessary number of sessions depending on the treated area and also your age. You will be told how often you should come as hair grows quicker on facial areas than on body zones. The expert will suggest a tailored treatment plan and related cost, together with specific instructions to follow.

Is Laser Hair Removal For Men Safe?

Laser hair removal is a safe way to remove unwanted hair if you follow the doctor’s instructions and it is performed by experienced practitioners.

In our London Epilium & Skin Clinic, we use the latest class IV medical lasers to ensure you receive the safest and most efficient treatment adapted to your hair and skin type. We are also doctor led, so we are able to safely apply high settings to reduce the total number of treatments required.

Before the end of your consultation, we will carry out a patch test on the different areas you want to treat. This will determine the best settings, and so you can feel the laser sensation. In the case that you find it painful, we will recommend to apply an anaesthetic cream two hours before the session to reduce discomfort.

Before and After

We recommend shaving the treated area the day before the treatment. After the treatment, hydrate your skin during the following two weeks. Avoid saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for one week, to avoid irritation to your skin after laser.
Hair follicles will fall out within two weeks following the treatment; you will then be hair free for 4 to 8 weeks. The hair that does start to grow back will be thinner and lighter. Nevertheless, you will require several sessions to get a permanent or long lasting result. Between the sessions, don’t wax, pluck or use an epilator, only shave or use depilatory cream. This is because we require the hair follicle to be attached to the bulb for the treatment to be effective.

Always remember that the first contraindication to laser hair removal is sun exposure or photosensitive pills and creams. The laser will recognise the melanin of the skin if you are tanned, which results in burning of the skin. Sun exposure should be avoided 2 months before the session and 10 days after.

If you are a man interested in laser hair removal we recommend you make an appointment today by clicking the button on the top right corner of this page. We hope to see you soon.