Laser Tattoo Removal with PicoSure

Tattoos no longer need to be permanent. If you regret getting a tattoo, tattoo Removal with Picosure laser is nowdays the only effective and safe way to erase it. Picosure laser revolutionizes the industry thanks to the most advanced technology developed by Cynosure.

Tattoo removal picosecond device is the safest way to target unwanted tattoos compared to the previous generation of Q-Swich devices. Unlike traditional lasers, Picosure light beam, emits very short pulses of energy, breaking the tattoo ink into tiny particules. These very short pulse durations are 100 times faster than traditional lasers. They avoid adverse burning reaction on the skin and as a result do not damage it. Your body will then naturally and safely remove these ink particules via its immune system.

Picosure tattoo removal laser advantages

Unlike older lasers, Picosure targets black, blue, red, multicouloured and also green pigments which was difficult to remove before.

You will observe just after the first session clearance of your tattoo.

Picosure laser removes your tattoos more efficiently, in half number of sessions than Q-Switch laser. As a result, the average number of sessions is between 4 and 7 according to the density of the ink pigment.

The machine focuses on the targeted ink to remove without damaging the surrounding tissues. Because the pulse duration is short, thermal effect is avoided. In conclusion, you have no risk of burns, or scars.

This safest and most advanced Picosure tecnology is only available in a few clinics in London.

If you consider having laser tattoo removal treatment in our London clinic, book a free consultation. Our high grade laser technicians will analyse the amount of ink, the superposition of the pigments and the depth of the tattoo. You will then be givien a tailored treatment plan.