Hair Restoration Solutions for Men

We at Epilium & Skin London have many tested and successful hair restoration solutions. No matter what your hair loss issue may be, we can advise a solution that will work for you and your unique circumstances. Take a look at our offerings below.

Hair Transplant for Men

Hair transplants may seem complicated, but the process is really quite simple. Plastic surgeons graft healthy hair follicles from denser areas of the head onto thinning and balding areas This results in thicker and denser looking hair. Epilium is experienced in several hair transplant methods:

  • FUT: The follicular unit transplant (FUT) takes an entire piece of skin with the hair follicles intact, and transplants the skin on a patch of balding or thinning scalp. FUT is considered the “classic” hair transplant.
  • FUE: Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a transplant that extracts individual hair follicles out of your skin and inserts them elsewhere on your scalp.
  • FUE HD: Follicular unit extraction high density hair transplants (FUE HD) are proprietary transplants exclusively performed by Epilium & Skin. This procedure is developed to achieve high capillary density for superior looking results.

Hair transplants only require local anesthesia and require very little downtime. There is no visible scarring with hair transplants. Your surgeon will assess your current hair loss and determine how much work is needed to achieve your desired results.

Plasma-Rich Platelet Therapy

Plasma-rich platelet therapy (or PRP) was originally used for treating conditions like tendon pain and arthritis. However, PRP is shown to improve hair density and reduce hair fall-out in both men and women.

PRP uses injectable blood platelets that have been suspended with a highly efficient Swiss centrifuge. These injectables are meticulously applied about every centimeter across your entire scalp.

Many people notice hair regrowth and less hair falling out in about a month. PRP can be combined with other treatments, so be sure to speak with one of our medical professionals to experience the maximum benefits of hair restoration.

PRP is non-invasive, virtually painless, and requires little downtime. It is safe for most people with thinning hair. This treatment is excellent for men with genetic hair loss. However, PRP will not work for people with thyroid issues or people with extreme hair loss. Always consult a medical professional to see if PRP is right for you.

Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

Stem cell treatment is another great option for hair restoration. Stem cells repair and regenerate many kinds of tissues. They are easily harvested from your body and transformed into a natural, safe, and effective injectable to combat hair loss.

Stem cells are readily available in the fat on your body. They are acquired by using soft liposuction to suck out fat from your belly or knees. This fat is expertly transformed by a surgeon into liquid Nano fat, which is highly concentrated in stem cells. This liquid is injected into areas of thinning or balding scalp.

This treatment is performed under local anesthesia, and you can go home the same day. You may experience mild swelling. However, this swelling is short-lived and subsides by the next day.

Results from stem cell hair loss treatment are visible after six months. It can also be used after hair transplant surgery. Talk to your surgeon about combining treatments to achieve the most improvement in hair loss.

At Epilium & Skin we are leaders in hair restoration methods. Our team of friendly medical professionals are versed in the latest technology and techniques to give you the best outcome possible. They can easily provide you with a customized treatment plan to maximize your hair restoration. Call 020 7486 5134 today, or click the link at the top right of the page, to schedule a consultation today!