Regenerative Medicine (Nano-Lipostructure)

The procedures of regenerative medicine or nano-lipostructure (rarely performed in Europe) are for Dr Hayot the most innovative techniques of this century. It is the next generation of treatment in Aesthetic Medicine.

Rejuvenating the skin tissue is not the main concerns anymore but regenerating them using the patient’s own stem cells and growth factors is what interested Dr Hayot on these techniques These procedures are still at the beginning, but surgeons saw exceptional results on the quality of the skin and dark circles.

These procedures involve superficial injections of the stem cells and growth factors of the patient similar to Mesotherapy. Unlike traditional mesotherapy, no foreign body or synthetically-modified product is injected into the patient’s body.

Dr Hayot observes excellent effects on wrinkles, skin quality, pigmentation marks and enhancement of the skin trophicity on the face, neck and décolleté. More than a year after the injections, the results of the nano-lipostructure continue to progress and regenerate the skin, which suggests that the quality of the skin will resume to improve years after the surgery.

The surgery involves the following:

  • Under a local or general anaesthetic, the aesthetic surgeon extracts a small quantity of fat cells from either thigh, knee or stomach.
  • To remove any fibrous cells from the fat extracted, the surgeon cleans and purifies the fat with a saline solution.
  • For a successful graft, the surgeon needs to keep only the micro-adipocytes from the purified fat which is filtered through a type of filter.
  • Small quantities of the fat are then injected to the patient’s face to guarantee a natural result.


  • New researches on Fat transfer proved that we are today able to regenerate the skin tissue using very superficial injections of the “fat broth” like a Mesotherapy treatment.


We recommend 5 to 7 days of work depending on the patients lifestyle.

First results are visible straight after the surgery, but researches shown that the skin is still regenerated after a year.