Lower Eyelid surgery / Eye Bags Removal

Age is not necessarily the deciding factor when determining who may be a candidate for lower eyelid surgery. Hereditary factors, as well as ageing, weight fluctuation and even post-pregnancy volume loss can contribute to tired looking eyes. The slackening of the skin combined with the loss of fat can often form notable dark circles and eye bags underneath the eyes.

To remove bags under the eyes, Dr Hayot makes a very thin incision inside the eyelid (transconjunctival approach) with a CO2 laser to avoid any bleeding and removes the fatty deposits under the eyes. The palpebral muscle (orbicularis muscle of the eye) is reattached to make the lower eyelid more taught. Both techniques help to avoid scarring and the use of stitches.

With minimal amount of skin removed, it is important to understand that the lower blepharoplasty surgery will not change the shape of your eyes moreover, it will naturally enhance your beauty. If the patient also desires to eliminate more visible wrinkles under the eyes, Dr Hayot suggests using a technique call the “pinch blepharoplasty” which will remove 1 or 2 mm of skin to achieve the desired result. Dr Hayot commonly combine this surgery with the Nano-Fat Transfer to lift the skin, and/or the Micro Lipostructure to restore lost volume and/or counteract the hollow eye.

Each patient’s needs are different, and the procedure may entail a different approach for each case. An initial consultation is made with Dr Hayot prior the surgery to gather the health informations he needs to create a detailed strategy for the procedure. Personal goals and concerns will be discussed, and a photograph of the patient aged 25 will be required. Dr Hayot will use it as a guide to recreate the youthful appearance of the eyes. Finally, Dr Hayot will determine which surgical procedure and approach should be used to assure the greatest result with the least risk.

A word from our Medical Director…

With years at the helm of my plastic surgery clinics in Paris, combined with my extensive expertise in oculoplastic microsurgery and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), my patients expect the most effective results with the minimum amount of downtime.


  • Natural lifting of the eyelid
  • Undetectable scar, hidden on the edge of the lower lashes
  • The expression of the eye is not changed
  • Hones the orbicularis muscle bulge (which often appears when smiling)


It is recommended to take 6 days out of work upon your lifestyle or activity to minimise bruises & hematoma. The removal of the stitches is made on the 6th day.
After 7 to 10 days you’ll be able to grasp the first enhancement, but the definitive result is visible after 3 months.


Before and after surgery for under eye bags