Restore Your Eyes with Lower Eyelid Surgery and Malar Bag Removal

Does it feel like your eyes look tired every day, even though you’re getting all the rest you need? There are many factors that contribute to aging skin around your eyes, and each one takes a different treatment. If you’re ready to explore how you can treat signs of aging around your eyes, take a look at these treatments, and see which one may be right for you.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Age isn’t necessarily a factor when it comes to sagging eyelids. Besides aging, genetics, weight fluctuation, and post-pregnancy volume loss can all contribute to the way your eyelids look. Fat loss and slackening of the skin can often lead to unsightly dark circles and bags under your eyes. Fortunately, lower eyelid surgery is the perfect solution for sagging eyelids.

What Exactly Is Lower Eyelid Surgery?

The technical term for lower eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty. This involves a very thin incision inside the eyelid. Your surgeon removes fatty deposits under the eyes and tightens the palpebral muscle of the lower eyelid.

Will Lower Eyelid Surgery Make Me Look Different?

No, you won’t look different after a blepharoplasty. This procedure doesn’t change the shape of your face or eyes, it only enhances your natural beauty. You can even choose to eliminate more fine lines and wrinkles with a “pinch blepharoplasty.” This procedure is often combined with Nano-Fat Transfer and Micro Lipostructure to restore lost volume and get rid of dark under-eye circles.

What Are the Advantages of Getting Lower Eyelid Surgery?

The best advantage of getting lower eyelid surgery is experiencing extremely natural results. There’s no need to worry about a change in your expressions on facial structure. You have no absolutely no detectable scarring and downtime is only about a week.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Our provider, Dr. Hayot, is passionate about providing each patient with superior results. Your health history and personal goals are thoroughly collected, along with a picture of you at the age of 25, in order to provide you with highly customized procedures with the least amount of risk.

Malar Bag Removal

Did you know there are actually two types of under-eye bags? There are dark under-eye circles that are caused by fluid loss in the hollows under your eyes and there are malar pockets which are caused by the loss of elasticity of the eyelid muscle in the upper cheek on the malar bone.

Your dark under-eye circles are easily taken care of with fat injection. However, malar bags take a little more effort to correct.

What are Malar Bags?

Malar bags are the bulges under your eye that look like a pocket of fat, and give the appearance of double under-eye circles. These bulges occur when the muscles relax around the cheekbone and below the lower eyelid. Malar bags are caused by inflammatory fluid retention combined with muscular looseness, or losing fluid in the hollows under your eyes, also known as the tear-through area.

How Do I Treat My Malar Bags?

The only treatment that can reduce malar bags is a muscle-lifting technique called a sub-palpebral lift. This procedure is performed by a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in oculoplastic or eyelid surgery. Your surgeon makes a small incision along the lash line to lift, tighten, and fasten the excess muscle.

Surgery for malar bags is usually combined with a lipostructure procedure, which is a cheekbone fat transfer. This helps restore lost volume in your cheek area, and diminish dark under-eye circles.

What Are the Results and How Much Downtime Is There?

You get beautiful, natural-looking results with surgery for malar bags. Not only are your muscles lifted and tightened, lost fat is restored to the area under your eyes. There are about two weeks of downtime. You have no visible scars, and results are permanent when you combine your surgery with lipostructure.

Lower Eyelid Surgery





What Else Should I Know About Treating Malar Bags?

Before the procedure, an initial consultation is planned with Dr Hayot or Dr Lemierre to discuss your personal goals and concerns. A blood test evaluation is required for patient health information.

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