Laser Hair Removal for Men Treatment Areas: Facial Hair

Laser Hair Removal for men's facial area including unibrow, beard, and nose hair

Face and ears

The removal of facial hair for men is normally targeted at the beard, nose, ears, and inter-brow area.


Too coarse a beard can often cause unpleasant irritation at the shirt collar and promote ingrown hairs (folliculitis). Complete removal of the beard by laser for aesthetic reasons is not ideal or recommended. However, it is possible to give shape and remove some of the hair that causes irritation. This normally takes 3 sessions, possibly less.

Nasal Hair

The nose is a difficult place to reach with a shaver and is often troublesome having to manually pluck nose hairs. Now, it is possible to have a permanent solution using a laser to remove hair in the lower nostrils and the tip of the nose. The laser treatment is ideal in terms of comfort and aesthetic, but it only works on thick and dark hair and not the fluffy, downy hair that can sometimes grow in the same area.

Inter-brow Hair

The permanent removal of facial hair located close to and between the eyebrows is a painless solution that is otherwise resolved quite uncomfortably by manual plucking or using waxing strips. Removing hair from the eyebrow line is a delicate procedure; the hair is strong and spiky, and the laser is not precise enough to treat the whole eyebrow. Therefore, we limit its use to the inter-brow area and recommend other forms of procedure/treatment to achieve eyebrow styling and definition.

Hair on Ears

The ears are one of those inaccessible areas that frustrate men, particularly when there is a significant amount of hair that is unsightly or embarrassing. Hair removal by laser is a good solution to combat hair growing in the ears. It is comfortable and the result is aesthetically pleasing. However, it will only work with thick and dark hair and not fine, downy hair.

Hair Removal Due to the Demands of Sports Activity

In some sports played at a high level, massage is essential as it allows the muscles to prepare for the effort ahead. Body hair can be a problem because it limits the ability of massage products to penetrate the skin properly. Similarly, in case of injury, it is easier to treat the wound and hygienically better if the skin is free of hair. This is particularly true for the healing process, which needs to be free of hair matting, so that the dressing can be changed and removed without pain. Hair free is also a benefit with some sports clothing allowing it to glide across the body rather than causing chaffing and friction irritation.

Beyond convenience, swimmers and cyclists choose hair removal to help improve their physical performance and increase their speed in high-level competitions where body ergonomics can mean increased speed and flexible movement. Faced with tedious lengthy shaving and its associated irritations, laser hair removal offers a first class solution for comfort and performance.