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With Easter and the temptation to consume your own body weight in chocolate out of the way, are you ready to show off that winterised body? After hiding under chunky sweaters and fleece leggings for the past few months, your body might not be eager to leave the comfy realms of winter hibernation. Don’t worry, it’s the perfect time to think of some options to dress-ready your body and enjoy smooth, hair-free arms and legs.

At Epilium & Skin, all our beauty treatments incorporate the latest advanced technology. Instead of waxing, we offer long lasting and permanent hair-free solution such as laser hair removal: the essential treatment to get you spring ready!

Laser hair removal is an aesthetic medical procedure which brings you a permanent reduction of hair and delivers excellent results for many areas of the body. At Epilium & Skin we are able to use higher settings than most places in London. Our lasers are controlled by our doctors, which allows us to deliver better results in fewer sessions.

Diagram of hair follicle undergoing laser hair removal treatment for pubic area

Whatever your skin type may be; white, olive or dark, and regardless of the area you want to treat, our aesthetic practitioners conduct a full skin examination and recommend a personalised treatment program. No matter how dark your skin is, we are able to match the right laser to your skin type and avoid the risk of burns, thanks to our expertise and technical resources.


Woman sitting down with crossed legs promoting laser hair removal treatment




At Epilium & Skin HQ, we are pleased to introduce our Wellness coach consultant: Aldona Gidzinska.

Aldona specialises in balanced holistic therapy, nutrition and exercise together with building a healthy lifestyle for her patients, around daily routines, personal coaching. Aldona helps each individual to discover their inner and outer beauty.

Woman in athletic clothes dancing

Summer will be here in no time; thus, it is now or never to work off that Easter chocolate and start getting your summer body ready. Aldona and Epilium & Skin have teamed up to create exclusive body packages that will help you achieve the body you deserve for the bikini season.

Packages include Wellness coaching sessions and Coolsculpting treatments to redefine your silhouette and lose persistent areas of fat. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that crystallises fat cells. The cells are eliminated naturally by your body after being given this thermal (cold) shock.


Getting in shape should be a pleasant experience!

  • The Body Boost package – £1,500
    Coolsculpting 2 areas + 5 Wellness coach sessions
  • The Body Anti-Oxidant package – £1,600
    Coolsculpting 2 areas + 5 Wellness coach sessions + Juice Plus Anti-Oxidant Supplements (4 months’ supply)
  • The Body Detox package – £1,800
    Coolsculpting 2 areas + 5 Wellness coach sessions + Juice Plus Detox Supplements (4 months’ supply)

*A two-month transformation guarantee

Lip Fillers – Why We’re So Obsessed With The Perfect Pout

Elle magazine UK Lip filler and lip augmentation article by Joely Walker


“The eyes are the window to the soul and it is not a secret that they are the first sign of ageing. The eyes are the first area of the face to age because this is where the skin is thinnest.

My main aim is to keep the eye’s natural expression within any Eyelid Surgery I perform. In my opinion, this technique offers a more youthful result and a fresher look.

With years at the helm of my plastic surgery clinics in Paris, combined with my comprehensive experience in oculoplastic microsurgery and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), my patients expect results.”


It is possible to completely rejuvenate the eyes with surgery. This invasive procedure is one of the most frequently practised in the UK and throughout the world. The speed of the technique as well as the post-surgery recovery make the procedure very popular. Eyelid surgery makes it possible to refresh the eyes without actually changing them.

This eye rejuvenation can encompass the upper or lower eyelids or simultaneously. Several procedures are adapted upon patient’s needs such as:

  • The Addition blepharoplasty
  • The Pinch blepharoplasty
  • Removal of the eyes bags
  • Dark circles removal or lipofilling
  • Classic blepharoplasty to eliminate surplus of skin and smooth the eye contour.

Correcting eye imperfections or problem areas, such as lazy eyes, round eyes or even bulging eyes is also possible with the eyelid surgery. Using a laser scalpel for better precision, the eye surgeon removes the skin excess that causes the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, as well as any fat surplus present in the bags under the eyes or any skin that ends up covering the upper eyelids.

This surgical procedure makes it possible to achieve a natural-looking result when it is run and carried out by an eyelid surgery specialist. This medical intervention does not present any risk to the moving function of the eyelids and does not affect the eyeball itself. Cosmetic eyelid surgery is not eye surgery and it does not have any impact on the eye sight.

Learn more about Dr Hayot Eyelids Surgery

Woman's eye with makeup promoting blepharoplasty eyelid surgery

To book an appointment with Dr Hayot Contact us


Sunday the 11th of March is Mother’s Day, a day when we celebrate maternal bonds and thank our mums for all they’ve done for us. If you really want to give your mum a special treat this year, why not gift her with a voucher that will turn back the time!

Wrapped present with bow and flowers for Mother's Day

Whether it’s a surprise visit to the Clinic for the “red-carpet facial” (The Hydra-Facial) on Saturday morning so she’ll look glamourous on the Sunday, a combined Mum & Daughter peel, or the promise of a Skinbooster or injectable treatment at a later date, we have the best anti-ageing solutions available at Epilium & Skin.

Our vouchers can be catered to any budget! Either choose the value you wish to offer or simply pick a treatment option from our extensive treatment brochure.
We’re proud to deliver the highest standards services at the French Medical Beauty Clinic in London and will take the time and care to make sure your mum has a wonderful experience and is fully satisfied with the result of her treatment.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, don’t hesitate to contact us for a voucher* or to enquire about our services.

Two glasses of champagne with rose petals against pink backdrop

  • Each voucher includes a complimentary glass of champagne on the day of the appointment.
  • Vouchers can be sent to your address with next day recorded delivery.


At Epilium & Skin HQ, we are pleased to introduce our new partner: Salon 64.

Salon 64 hair salon storefront in London

A revolutionary salon concept has opened in Soho!

Created by top London hair stylist Ricky Walters, Salon 64 is a dynamic and flexible social hub as well as a high-end luxury destination. Named the Milllenial Stylist, Ricky has quickly built a reputation for creating chic and modern hair styles for some of the world’s biggest international superstars and actors, including Sandra Bullock and Arnold Schwarzenegger. From Hollywood film premieres to the GQ Grooming Award, BAFTAS to the BRITS, he has showcased some of his best work on the red carpets.

Set over two floors and encompassing 2,000 square feet, the design inspires the art of conversation through transformative spaces. Ricky hand-picked his talented team of expert and offer a selection of services that will polish your locks for any occasion from a haircut and a blow-dry to highlights and bespoke hair treatments.

We’ve had a makeover, check out our new website!

We are so excited to be launching our brand-new website this week.

Since the launch of the clinic, we thought our website needed a Facelift? It is not unusual for a website to outgrow itself and become less effective over time. When we find that our website is no longer user-friendly, has an outdated design, is difficult to update or is just not effective in communicating with our users, it is time for a website makeover. So, we designed and developed our new website with some improved navigation, a clearer content, more details on the surgical and non-surgical treatments we are offering at Epilium & Skin.

Over the last few weeks and months, we’ve been working really, really hard to put everything together. We’re actually starting to see expression lines and wrinkles appearing into our foreheads after over checking contents & links – Maybe it is time for us to consider having injections very soon then…!

But despite all of that, we think it’s all been worth it, and we hope you will enjoy navigating on it.

Do feel free to send us your feedback here.

Epilium & Skin Team xx