We’ve had a makeover, check out our new website!

We are so excited to be launching our brand-new website this week.

Since the launch of the clinic, we thought our website needed a Facelift? It is not unusual for a website to outgrow itself and become less effective over time. When we find that our website is no longer user-friendly, has an outdated design, is difficult to update or is just not effective in communicating with our users, it is time for a website makeover. So, we designed and developed our new website with some improved navigation, a clearer content, more details on the surgical and non-surgical treatments we are offering at Epilium & Skin.

Over the last few weeks and months, we’ve been working really, really hard to put everything together. We’re actually starting to see expression lines and wrinkles appearing into our foreheads after over checking contents & links – Maybe it is time for us to consider having injections very soon then…!

But despite all of that, we think it’s all been worth it, and we hope you will enjoy navigating on it.

Do feel free to send us your feedback here.

Epilium & Skin Team xx