The Medical Director
Dr. Bernard Hayot:

Oculoplastic Surgeon and Specialist in Fat Transfer and Regenerative Medicine

Epilium and Skin Dr. Hayot

Treatment: Fat transfer, upper eyelid, lower eyelid, eye bags, hollow eye, dark circles, malar pouch, wrinkles, face lift, neck lift, Hyaluronic Acid injections

An aesthetic surgeon with extensive experience, Dr. Bernard Hayot is a specialist in his field of Oculoplasty (eye surgery). He is also a pioneer in fat transfer and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Hayot is an Ophthalmologist surgeon by profession. After holding a succession of various intern positions in hospitals in Paris, he then went on to become Head of Clinic at the National Centre for Ophthalmology at the Quinze-Vingts Hospital.

A specialist in eyelid and eye socket surgery, Dr. Hayot was trained by leading American Oculoplastic surgeons. He uses cutting-edge laser techniques and is considered one of Europe’s leading authorities when it comes to eyelid surgery.

With more than twenty years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field, he specialises in blepharoplasty, facelifts, Lipostructure (fat transfer) regenerative and aesthetic medicine.

At his clinics, Dr. Bernard Hayot offers personalised consultations and cosmetic surgery treatments that consider the overall aesthetic of each patient.

As an aesthetic surgeon who is primarily concerned with anti-ageing, Dr. Hayot was one of the first practitioners in France to use it. After 25 years of practice, he is famed for his technique and is subsequently an international trainer of high regard. Currently presiding over three successful medical clinics in Paris, his team of anti-ageing specialists and surgeons have come to London to open a new medical-clinic. Epilium & Skin London (The French Medical Beauty Clinic).

My new London medical clinic sees me bring the best of beauty from Paris to London. I bring with me both my medical expertise in anti-ageing, eye surgery and regenerative medicine along with a French collective of surgeons to offer my patients the best specialists.

—Dr. Bernard Hayot

Non-Surgical Treatment

With his trained team of nurses offering medical-grade facials, the gold standard of laser hair removal (which accounts for some 80% of the business in Paris), and weight loss treatments including Coolsculpting, their aim is to become the results-driven, market leaders in the British beauty sector.

Surgical Treatment

Dr. Hayot’s French Medical Beauty Clinics (Epilium & Skin CENTRES) ARE fully medical in their approach to cosmetic procedures. WE ARE NOW ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH CUTTING EDGE equipment and an expert collective of surgeons to help you on your way to achieving your BeaUTY goals.

We have a number of surgical treatments on offer at The French Medical Beauty Clinic. Having formulated a team of expert surgeons, we can provide surgical procedures for both the body and the face.

Whether you are interested in enquiring about breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation, body sculpting, eye surgery or a hair transplant, all of our practitioners have over 15 years of experience.

THE SURGICAL TEAM: The French Collective of Surgeons

On the surgery side of the clinic, Dr. Hayot is creating a unique collective of French surgeons (The French Collective), who are available for consultations at Epilium & Skin London. At the helm, Dr. Hayot dedicates his time to eye surgery alongside regenerative medicine. Some of the most advanced treatments he provides are the Thread Lift Facelift and regenerative medicine. His Lipostructure or fat transfer technique is something Dr. Hayot is very passionate about. He believes that using a patients own fat and own cells is more safe and effective and is ultimately the key to the future of anti-aging.

 My Lipostructure (fat transfer) technique sees a patient’s own body fat harvested and re-injected back into the face, neck, hands and décolletage to regenerate the tissue using the stem cells technique.

—Dr. Bernard Hayot


Located in London’s cosmetic surgery hub—Marylebone, his clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical beauty treatments carried out by top-tier professionals. Located between London’s renowned Harley Street and Selfridges, his modern clinic has the best facilities, a welcoming atmosphere and professional staff.

We are here to offer our expert advice and have the best equipment and top quality treatments.


Dr. Hayot maintains…


that the key to a successful cosmetic surgery is safety combined with expertise and skill to obtain the most natural-looking results.


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