Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas: Underarms

At Epilium & Skin, as a medical centre, our practitioners are trained in our Doctor’s recommended settings. We use higher settings and more efficient techniques than the ones given in the mandatory laser hair removal training. The difference in our treatment is effectiveness. Overall results are seen a lot quicker, needing less treatments, which is more convenient for you.

Laser Hair Removal for women underarm area

Laser hair removal of underarm hair is one of the most frequently requested treatments for aesthetics, hygiene and comfort. It is advisable to stagger these sessions between 7 to 10 weeks following re-growth. Normally you will need 5 to 7 sessions to remove hair from the underarms, each lasting approximately 15 minutes. As with other areas of the body, removal of hair in the armpits is only effective on dark hairs in the growth phase and therefore it is necessary to have a number of sessions to destroy all the hair and stop re-growth.