Hair removal areas

The Eyebrow

Laser hair removal for the eyebrows is only possible when treating the mono-brow (hair at the centre of the eyebrows). For permanent eyebrow shaping, we would use electrolysis.

The Chest & Abdomen

The removal of chest hair by laser is a popular choice for men and delivers great results. The abdomen is also a frequently requested area and these two areas are often treated together.

Epilium & Skin offers two types of treatment: permanent hair removal or a simple reduction in hair density. With regards to the reduction of hair, laser removal can uniformly reduce the amount of hair and the thickness in three sessions (depending on hair type).

It is important to note that fine hairs should not be treated using laser, as this often will promote hair growth. This is known as paradoxical hair growth.

The Back and shoulders

If you have thick and dark hair on areas of the shoulder or back, laser hair removal is an efficient treatment.

It should be noted that the amount of hair on the back tends to increase between the ages of 30-40 years. Therefore, if you are being treated before your thirties, you may need extra sessions depending on your hair growth.

Sessions normally take 60 minutes and are determined by the length, density and strength of the hair

The Neck

Removal of hair by laser is particularly effective on the neck.

The hair at the nape of the neck can often grow back quickly which can make your haircut appear untidy. Laser treatment can diminish the amount of hair growth for this area or it be used to target specific hairs to create a precision hairline.

Men who partake in competitive sport at a high level often have laser hair removal. Hair can cause friction and skin irritation.