CoolSculpting for Arms

Coolsculpting is a great solution for those excessive fat in the underarm area. Fat under the arms is usually caused by a prolonged build-up of fat. Even those who exercise daily will tell you, it can be extremely difficult to reduce with traditional diet and exercise.

Woman pinching underarm fat promoting CoolSculpting treatment for arms

Our non-invasive, fat freezing (cryolipolysis) treatment is a body contouring method that reduces fat cells in flabby arms with results that are long-lasting and noticeable. Until recently, this medical technology was applied only to the flanks (love handles), thighs and abdomen. Now, this treatment is available for the upper arms, too. Allergan, the creator of Coolsculpting, has created a large range of applicators to treat different problem areas that your practitioner at Epilium & Skin will choose for you upon treatment consultation.

Obtain thin arms thanks toCoolsculpting. It works to reduce up to 30% of the localised fat located on the underside or backs of the upper arms.

10 weeks before and after CoolSculpting treatment for arms by Dr. Jeffery C. Dawes