CoolSculpting Consultation

At Epilium & Skin, the first Coolsculpting consultation is free. You will be able to discuss the treatment with one of our doctors or nurses who specialise in aesthetic silhouette shaping.

Our specialist will review your medical history and verify that there are no contra-indications to prevent from having cryolipolysis treatment.

Also, we suggest a pre Coolsculpting consultation with our nutrition specialist to help you learn more bout your body composotion. She could advide how to maintain a healthy weight. She will also advice how you dietary and lifestyle choices may impact your body mass.

Our specialist after answering any questions you may have, will recommend a customised treatment plan to achieve optimal Coolsculpting results.

Then, he will take photos of the areas where those annoying fat cells and folds have appeared. Epilium & Skin will hold these pictures as part of your medical record, so that you can compare then with your new and improved shape following the completion of the treatment.

Epilium & Skin will then give you a quotation for the Coolsculpting treatment and a consent form to sign. But do not worry, you will have plenty of time to make your decision with the knowledge of all the facts and understanding of the process.

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