Coolsculpting for Saddlebags



Saddlebags are defined as the bulging areas around the bottom half of the body (buttocks, outer thighs, and hips), which can be bothersome to many, especially since it is an area that can be hard to slim down. No matter how much exercise you do or diets you try, reducing fat from these areas of your body can be difficult. However, Coolsculpting can help with those unbearable outer thighs and hips, without any downtime.

Cryolipolysis is the perfect solution for treating saddlebags. It targets localised and stubborn fat that neither increased physical activity nor high-impact sports can diminish. The key thing to remember about saddlebags is that they can affect women of all shapes and sizes.

At last, liposuction is not the only solution. Coolsculpting treatment can help shrink areas of excess fat with no need for invasive surgery. The Coolsmooth Pro is an applicator that can make a difference when it comes to saddlebags and achieving great results.

This applicator does not use suction but sits on a gel pad on the area to be treated for 60 minutes. During the treatment time, it creates an optimal cryolipolysis reaction. The process is less painful because there is no suction for this particular area.

A controlled lowering of the skin temperature breaks down 30% of the adipocytes (fat cells) that are then eliminated from the body over the coming weeks.