Coolsculpting for Love Handles

The majority of men and women tend to gain weight on the flanks of their backs. Here excess fat can be difficult to shift even if you follow a strict diet. For this area, we suggest the Cool Curve applicator to help trim down your love handles.

Before and after CoolSculpting treatment on man's lower back after 8 weeks by Dr. Leyda E. Bowles

This applicator is also used to treat the dorsal ridges beneath the bra strap. “Love handles” is an informal term for the deposits of excess fat at the side of one’s waistline. They can also be referred to as “belly fat” or “posterior flanks”. Either way, it is the excess fat sitting on the sides of the torso which is tough to lose. A way of treating this area is with our non-invasive treatment Coolsculpting, which is a safe, FDA cleared, alternative to Liposuction. Fat freezing by Allergan is one of our most popular aesthetic medical procedure which helps to reduce those stubborn areas of fat.