Silhouhette-to-Scalp Liposuction – Fat Transfer

Achieving a Better Silhouette and better hair all in one

Two of the most common tell-tale signs of advancing years are loss or thinning of the hair and stubborn weight gain (the dreaded ‘middle-age spread’). Suitable for those looking to maintain a more youthful appearance. Dr Lemierre at Epilium & Skin has developed a special treatment to deal with both issues at the same time. Fat transfer for hair loss is the newest treatment for combating balding hair.

Silhouette-to-scalp liposuction

Hair loss doesn’t just effect the 50% of men, a 45% of women can experience it too. Now it is possible to use your own fat stem cells, harvested from an area of excess fat. Our surgeons will reinject the patients’ own fat cells to repair or regenerate the scalp tissue. This will in turn stimulate the production of hair growth.

Fat transfer for hair loss liposuction offers all the advantages of traditional liposuction without the drawbacks. As a more quick and convenient option,  they remove the fat via ‘soft liposuction’. Our aesthetic surgeons performe the liposuction under local anaesthetic without the need for down time. It’s ideal for treating small amounts of excess fat on areas like the ankles, arms, stomach, the inside of the thighs, chin or bottom.

What is innovative about this treatment is that instead of throwing away the fat after liposuction, they re-inject the fat into the scalp. Also, there is no issue with rejection as they are the patient’s very own cells.

So why fat transfer for hair loss ?

This regenerative technique began a few years ago with PRP (platelet rich plasma or ‘vampire lift’) treatments. Which consists of taking blood from the patient, isolating stem cells from the plasma in the blood. This is then injected into the patient’s scalp to treat hair loss and thinning.

However, there are a thousand times more stem cells and growth factors in fat than in plasma. The stem cells are typically in a dormant state. First of all, by doing liposuction and removing them and activating the stem cells, a surgeon can use these regenerative cells to repair and stimulate renewed tissue in the scalp. This procedure is known as regenerative medicine. In conclusion, this is why silhouette-to-scalp liposuction is a more effective method of boosting hair growth, while ‘trimming’ off stubborn areas of fat at the same time.

The fat injections from silhoutte-to-scalp option is also suitable where hair transplantation surgery is not available due to not having enough hair donors.

The procedure

Firstly, the silhouette-to-scalp fat injections is a straight forward procedure we perform under local anaesthetic taking less than 1 hour.

The surgeon perform a soft liposuction on the patients area of excess stubborn fat in order to prepare for harvesting. He will only need to keep the cells which are rich and concentrated of growth factors. Resulting in the surgeon filtering the remaining to purify.

Finally; the stem cells are directly injected into the dermis of the scalp, near the follicle and supporting tissue. The stem cells will then begin to repair the tissue and increase cellular function.