Micro forehead injections

“Micro” might be the best alternative to traditional one.
Note that Micro does not mean that Dr Hayot uses a lower quantity of product than for a traditional injection to smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. In fact, he uses the exact same volume to treat the forehead as the traditional injections.

“I developed Micro injections to treat my patients’ forehead wrinkles without paralysing the forehead. I find the results are the most natural and each patient keeps their individual expression.”
-Dr. Bernard Hayot

The technique of Micro injections is essential. With very precise micro injections, the result is definitely more natural. This technique also reduces the chance of a frozen forehead. This is critical as improper anti-ageing injections increase the risk of weakening the frontalis muscle which results in the eyebrows dropping. Cases of Mephisto syndrome due to improper injections were reported.

With Micro injections, those issues are unlikely to happen because the injections are made at the surface of the skin. Dr. Hayot does not penetrate down to the muscles. Patients can move their forehead and retain expression in the upper part of the face.

Micro injections is first and foremost performed on the forehead; however, it can be injected anywhere on the face in the same way to treat skin problems and/or enlarged pores. Dr Hayot called this technique Derma injections.

Micro injections offers great results to any type of lines or wrinkles and can even be used to treat the first signs of ageing.
Here’s everything you need to know about this technique.

1. A bespoke approach

In the past ten years the reputation of anti-ageing injections has deteriorated. The frozen look numerous patients displayed following their treatments, or an asymmetry of their face proved a bad publicity for injections. This was not due to the technique itself, but because of non-trained doctors improperly injecting.
Dr Hayot’s approach is about rebalancing and restoring the youthful appearance of the face without altering its expression. His aim is to make his technique unique to each patient’s needs and desires.

For a more even tailored service, Dr Hayot follows up on each patient 15 days after treatment to ensure all lines have disappeared and to perform a final touch-up if required by the patient/doctor.

2. Can Micro Injections be used to prevent the first signs of ageing?

Micro Injections is the ideal treatment against the first signs of ageing. Young injections users can use safely this new technique to stop wrinkles and imperfections.
Everyone ages differently and some patients in their mid-twenties already have expression lines. Dr Hayot studies how the patient’s face animates, ages, to correct the imperfections using the Micro Injections technique.

3. How long does the positive effect of Micro Injections last?

The result is usually visible within 5 to 8 days after the injections, but it may take up to 15 days for some patients. Micro Injections has the same long-lasting benefits of any anti-ageing injections: 4 to 6 months upon individual.

A follow-up appointment is offered to all our patients 15 days after their treatment. A retouch is offered should the patient be satisfied with the result.
Although it is important to note that the cost of the treatment is based on the skill set and the volume of material used, Micro Injections offers the same price range as for conventional injections.