Why Choose Epilium & Skin for Laser hair removal?

laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an aesthetic medical procedure that offers excellent results in permanent hair reduction for many areas of the body.

But why come to our specialists?

First of all, we use FDA approved, medical grade, Cynosure Elite+ laser technology which is industry leading and award winning.

Having sister clinics in France where the regulations are much stricter, (laser hair removal can only be performed by medical doctors), we have learnt how to successfully perform laser hair removal with more efficient, quicker and long lasting results. The doctors are using settings which are much higher than many practitioners would usually go. We brought this philosophy to London and are pleased to offer doctor mentored practitioners, using the same laser hair removal settings.

Our specialists are extremely strict on before & after care to ensure your treatment is efficient, we will NOT treat any patient who has been exposed to the sun within the last 8 weeks. This is not for any other reason other than we want your treatment to work, and for it to work, we have to use our highest settings which cannot be used on tanned skin.

We are also aware that not ALL areas of the body should and can be treated with laser as it can cause paradoxical hair stimulation (causing the hair to in fact stimulate & come back thicker/darker).

This is why we do a full consultation to determine which treatment plan will be most suitable for you. We will discuss the whole treatment process, the areas to be treated, examine the thickness and colour of hair and determine which settings on ND-YAG or Alexandrite we will need to use.