Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Promotional banner for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with free offer to remove radiation tattoo all year

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Epilium & Skin are honored to announce that we offer free of charge radiation tattoo removal to any survivor of breast cancer.
If you know of anyone who has beaten breast cancer please ask them to get in touch and let us help them remove those reminders.

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Prior to undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer, small black or blue tattoos must be created. These permanent markings are crucial for ensuring the accurate targeting of the tumor area and allow the technician to precisely pinpoint the area needing treatment. They are small and not unsightly and for some, they are marks of survival. For others, they serve as a daily reminder of their ordeal. For those, Epilium & Skin is pleased to offer free removal of their radiation tattoos with our Picosure laser.

Epilium & Skin Celebrates the Victory of all breast cancer survivors!

Picosure is new technology that removes tattoos faster than previously possible. The treatment will take only a few minutes and will be only slightly uncomfortable. The amount of treatments will depend on each individual, but will usually only take 2-3 sessions to completely remove the small tattoos left after radiation.

In the situation that there is a risk of recurrence of the cancer, radiation tattoos should be left in place. Before undergoing tattoo removal treatment, you will need the go ahead of your doctor.
Once you have been given the all clear, we will be more than happy to get you in for your free consultation and patch test. Treatment can then commence 1 week after!
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