Meet the Epilium and Skin Team


My new London medical clinic sees me bring the best of beauty from Paris to London. I bring with me both my medical expertise in anti-ageing, eye surgery and regenerative medicine along with a French collective of surgeons to offer my patients the best specialists.

Dr. Bernard Hayot

Whether you are interested in enquiring about breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation, body sculpting, eye surgery or hair transplants, all our practitioners are extremely qualified, with at least 15 years’ experience.

On the surgery side, Dr. Hayot has assembled an expert team of French surgeons and specialists (The French Collective), who are all available for consultations. Dr. Chardonneau specialises in rejuvenating leg treatments, while Dr. Foued Hamza’s focus is the body sculpting. Finally, Dr. Lemierre (Plastic Surgeon & Hair Loss Expert) is specialised in improving the aesthetic of each part of the body and developing his own hair transplant technique.


Epilium and Skin Dr. Guillame Lemierre Plastic Surgeon Hair Loss Expert

Dr Guillaume Lemierre
Plastic Surgeon and Hair Loss Expert

Dr Lemierre is a French plastic surgeon with 15 years’ experience. He travelled the world in countries like Brazil & America to train on the latest techniques available in Aesthetic Surgery. His goal is to make his patient to feel more beautiful in the most natural way: “A better version of themselves”. I enjoy improving the aesthetic of each part of the body from injections to surgical facelift, fat transfer to improve the silhouette and soft liposuction as well as breast implants or lifting. I am also and more importantly specialized in hair implant using the FUE technique without scar, and developed with Dr Dumas our own technique called “the FUE HD” which obtain a high follicular density of hair.

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Epilium and Skin Dr. Jean-Marc Chardonneu Leg Health and Beauty Surgeon

Dr Jean-Marc Chardonneau
Leg Health & Beauty Surgeon

A vascular surgeon by training, Dr. Jean-Marc Chardonneau is a world leader in leg aesthetics. The first practitioner to combine both the health and beauty of the leg, he invented the microsculpture and mesocannulation techniques for legs; the revolutionary TC 3000 (which uses radio waves to treat varicose veins) and the anti-aging filler Stylage Mesolift.

Dr. Chardonneau has an Angiology degree from the French National College of Aesthetic Medicine, a DIU (inter-university degree) in Obesity, Aging and Aesthetics of Superficial Tissue and a DIU in Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine.

He heads up the Phlebology department at the Institute Marie Curie Paris and also teaches at the National Middle College of Aesthetic Medicine in Paris. He sits on a host of boards, including the French Association of Aesthetic Doctors, has written articles for hundreds of scientific journals and published numerous studies. Dr. Chardonneau is also a much sought after international speaker.

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Epilium and Skin Dr. Mayoni Gooneratne Pelvic Floor Surgeon Aesthetics Doctor

Dr Mayoni Gooneratne
Pelvic Floor Surgeon & Aesthetics Doctor

Miss Mayoni Gooneratne (MBBS, BSc, MRCS) is a London-based general surgeon with over 18 years of medical and surgical experience. Her professional career began in medical surgery, as a graduate of St George’s Hospital Medical School in London, and she has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons since 2002. When deciding to move her career from colorectal surgery into medical aesthetics, Dr. Mayoni undertook extensive training with the respected Cosmetic Courses at Aurora Clinics. This is the only training academy in the UK which is led by a Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Mayoni’s surgical and research-based training are evident in her approach, and her insistence upon using only effective treatments. Alongside her team of carefully chosen and highly trained individuals, she offers clients the very best in results-driven treatments and customer service. She achieves this through a thorough yet relaxed consultation style, taking an holistic approach to the treatment plan. She creates a unique, bespoke journey for each of her clients, using the various tools at her disposal.

Dr. Mayoni developed her reputation in aesthetic medicine through the use of safe yet effective treatments to create a refreshed and rejuvenated look, and for tackling common skin complaints such as acne and rosacea.

Dr Mayoni has a passion for women’s health and spent an extended period undertaking research into pelvic floor dysfunction during her medical training. She was struck by how deeply affected her patients were by essentially a ‘benign’ yet very personal problem. As a mother of three children, Dr Mayoni can truly relate to patients’ concerns about vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction (particularly post-birth) and is committed to providing effective, evidence-based treatments to tackle these issues. Her passion for female wellness culminated in her being named as a Key Opinion

Leader for Geneveve – the patented treatment for vaginal rejuvenation and stress urinary incontinence, which was introduced to The Clinic in 2017.

A rising star in the medical aesthetic industry, Dr. Mayoni prides herself on the number of word of mouth recommendations, and in 2017, her journey from a home-based to a high-street clinic was rewarded with being highly commended as ‘A New Clinic in UK and Ireland’ at the Aesthetics Awards.

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Epilium and Skin Valentine Fellous Clinic Director

Valentine Fellous
Clinic Director

As partner and the director of the London clinic, Valentine plays an essential part of the Epilium & Skin philosophy & DNA. Having worked alongside Medical Director, Dr. Hayot since 2010, Valentine presides over the smooth running of two prestigious cosmetic clinics in Paris. With their success story in France, they decided to bring their expertise to the UK, opening their first French medical beauty clinic in London’s surgery district -Marylebone. With her invaluable expertise and attention to detail, Valentine is responsible for the overall management and development of the Epilium & Skin London clinic.

A word from our Clinic Director…

I am passionate about the beauty industry and am determined to provide a top quality beauty service. When you step into our clinic, you can rest assured that we provide cutting-edge treatments while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

—Valentine Fellous

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Epilium and Skin Abbi Denton Clinic Manager

Abbi Denton
Clinic Manager

Abbi is our CQC registered Clinic Manager. She holds qualification of a level 5 diploma in leadership in health & social care, as well as being a NVQ trained therapist. Having been with Epilium & Skin from the beginning of their journey to open the London Clinic, she is responsible for the day-to-day operation management of the practice & staff.

Her creativity, entrepreneurial and leadership skills are essential to the expansion and success of Epilium & Skin. With her nine years of experience in the beauty service industry and high-end customer service management, Abbi ensures that our clientele gets nothing short of the best treatment. Her passion for the medical/aesthetic industry and patient satisfaction is a perfect match for our professional, innovative and cutting-edge clinic.

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Epilium and Skin Claudine Jay Clinic Receptionist

Darragh O’Sullivan
Clinic Coordinator

Darragh is an NVQ Level 3 trained therapist with 5 years experience in the industry. She relocated to London from Ireland to pursue her career in the aesthetics industry.

As your first point of contact at our clinic, Darragh welcomes every patient with enthusiasm and warmth. She is a great resource for any questions or concerns you may have about the surgical or non-surgical treatments on offer and will ensure you feel comfortable before scheduling an appointment with our team of experts. Her attention to detail and compassionate spirit will ensure you have an exceptional experience at Epilium & Skin.

“My goal is to deliver outstanding customer service. I enjoy making every client feel as special as they deserve.”

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Epilium and Skin Dina Mansouri Medical Aesthetic Nurse


Dina started her formal training as a nurse in 2011. Having always had a passion for the beauty and aesthetics, her aim is to provide an excellent service to ensure her patients are able to achieve their specific goals.
At Epilium & Skin, Dina masters all medical standard treatments including PRP (platelet rich plasma), Mesotherapy, Skin booster, Coolsculpting alongside facials, chemical peels and skin resurfacing treatments. This year she spent time training at the Harley Academy to polish her skills and learn about the breaking cosmetic treatments in the beauty industry.

Working at the clinic, there is such a variety of treatments making each day totally different from the next. My favourite treatments to perform are Coolsculpting and injectables because they truly get results. When you are actively helping your client to reach their goal, you have such a feeling of satisfaction when they tell you of their positive experience.

-Dina Mansouri

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Epilium and Skin Eva Mylona Semi-Permanent Makeup Elite Artist

Eva Mylona
Semi-Permanent Make-up Elite Artist

With ten years of experience in the beauty and permanent cosmetics industry, Eva has been trained to the highest standards with the best in the industry such as Debra Robson LDN and Finishing Touches Group. Eva’s elite artist status isn’t just about her outstanding skill level, it is a reflection of her passion to deliver the best possible results, every time and for every client.

Eva graduated in Aesthetics and Cosmetology from the faculty of Health and Caring Professions at Athens’ TEU. Holding four certificates in micro pigmentation from different countries and a degree in Aesthetics, she has attended several dermatology and medical aesthetics conferences.

Having treating hundreds of clients, Eva also works with patients who suffered from conditions such as alopecia, cancer and trichotillomania. With her innovative approach and seamless practice, Eva is one of the leading lights of London’s new generation of semi-permanent specialists.

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Epilium and Skin Daniela Di Leone Aesthetic Practitioner

Daniela Di Leone
Aesthetic Practitioner

Daniela, is a fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner. Having obtained a NVQ in Beauty Therapy and moved solely into the Aesthetic industry more than 3 years. she has over 12 years’ experience and has worked for some of the most renowned Aesthetic centre & salons in London. Daniela is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Hair Laser Removal and non-surgical solutions we offer at Epilium & Skin and her key objective is always to boost her clients’ confidence and achieve immaculate results on the treatment she performs with the help of the latest non-invasive techniques solutions.

I find my job very rewarding and enjoy giving a bespoke service to each of my patients. I like to offer my patients comfort and care at heart throughout their visit at the clinic but more importantly to boost their confidence with the efficiency of the treatment I provide them.

-Daniela Di Leone

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Epilium and Skin Ioanna Ntenti Doumeng Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist

Ioanna Ntenti Doumeng
Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist

Ioanna is a London based Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist with a passion for the use of whole and organic foods as medicine. She holds a diploma from the London College of Naturopathic Medicine, specialising in biomedicine, biochemistry and herbalism, as well as naturopathic and nutritional therapeutics. She is a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT). Specialising in weight management and skin conditions, Ioanna focuses her treatments on providing a holistic mind-and-body approach blending learnings from Eastern natural healing methods and Western practices to treat the underlying causes of discomfort. Ioanna has a background as a nurse specialising on post-trauma care of bones and skin tissue and an international modelling career.

“Throughout my career, from being a nurse specialising in post-trauma care, to my modelling work, to researching foods as medicine during my naturopathic studies, I have developed a therapeutic approach to nutrition that combines learnings from all three disciplines. From the importance of the mind-body connection to heal the underlying health condition to the importance of feeling and looking your best and finally to make long lasting changes in nutritional habits, I have always been passionate about helping people make a positive change in their lives”

Ioanna Ntenti Doumeng

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