Face Concern – Wrinkles

Wrinkles is a natural sign of aging process as the amount of collagen & elastin fibres in the dermis decreases as the years pass by. Your skin becomes less supple, sags & wrinkles appears. In our Epilium and skin clinic, different wrinkles treatment are available.

This process can be accelerated by sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation which is responsible for breaking down collagen & elastin fibres within the skin.

Smoking is also known to accelerate the aging process due to the reduction of the blood microcirculation.

Facial expressions are the first lines to appear on your face. The facial muscles are active when you smile, get angry and frown your forehead for example. By repeating the same action on the skin surface, lines will start to appear and become permanent wrinkles. Dehydration of the skin is also a consequence of fine lines and wrinkles.

Whether you’ve just started noticing fine lines or if you have been battling with wrinkles for many years, our cosmetic doctors at Epilium & Skin are here to advise you on the best treatment for your needs from light peels to anti-aging injections.

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