Micro fat transfer (or fat grafting) is a more long-lasting option than fillers to recreate volume that have dissolved in the face. Using the patient’s own fat, this method can help to enhance or reshape certain features of the face, lift and fill sunken eyes, cheeks and temples. The results of these volumizing fat injections are very natural because it does not involve the use of any foreign or synthetic injectables which eliminates any risk of rejection of the product.

The micro fat grafting, can be used to contour, shape and plump depressed or deflated areas on the face. Dr Hayot has perfected this method thanks to his technique to prepare the fat that will be reinjected and can perform this surgery alone or simultaneously with other procedures such as a blepharoplasty, a mini-facelift or a dark circle treatment.

This volumizing fat injection technique can also be used to fill hollows around the eyes, temples, cheeks and to contour the jawline. This surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic which eliminates the risk of general anaesthesia. During the surgery, fat is taken with a very small cannula either on the stomach, the thighs or the knee and which is then cleaned, prepared to be re-injected into the desired area.

Before the surgery, there is an initial consultation with Dr Hayot where You will discuss your personal goals and concerns. A full blood test assessment will be required in order to gather some information about your health and to achieve the best results with the smallest risk possible.


  • The results of fat injections on hollow eyes, dark circles, cheeks or cheekbones are definitive.
  • The fat stem cells delay signs of ageing on the face and regenerate the skin tissue.
  • The procedure is fast, and the post-surgery downtime is short.


We suggest 8 days off work and any physical activities due to the presence of oedema around the point of entry of the injections and injected areas can be slightly swollen. These side effects should last 8 to 10 days and can be easily covered with make-up.

The final result is seen a month after the surgery.