The Mini Facelift or Threadlift Facelift

This is fast becoming the facelift of choice. The technique is effectively non-surgical as there is no cutting of the skin. Performed by our Medical Director, Dr. Hayot, the procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic in your lunch hour.
This procedure is unlike a traditional facelift as there is no cutting of the skin.

The Sihouette Soft Threadlift sees a barbed thread inserted at the hairline at the temple and tunneled downwards where it exits at the chin. When the thread is pulled taut, the barbed cones latch on to the surrounding tissue and perform a lifting effect on the face.
When pulled taught, the barbed cones are designed to help give a tightening and lifting effect and can help with the overall face shape. They encourage collagen production and are eventually absorbed and broken down by the body.

With no downtime, patients can walk out of the clinic after the procedure and resume normal daily life. The results can last around 18 months.