Male Tattoo removal with Picosure

Are you losing sleep over a tattoo that you are desperate to remove? Don’t panic! The laser specialists at Picosure® have created a new and advanced laser to effectively remove ink without causing damage to the surrounding skin. At Epilium & Skin we are happy to announce that we are one of a few clinics in possession of the Picosecond laser. This laser uses PressureWave® technology (pressure combined with heat) to work in harmony with your body to target the ink of your tattoo.

The Picosure® laser works well on black ink and the difficult to remove blue and green ink. It also has great results on tattoos that have proven tricky to remove by other, less effective lasers.

Depending on the size of the tattoo, treatment can be as quick as ten minutes. With the laser using heat and pressure to break down the pigment particles of the tattoo, patients will feel less discomfort than with traditional tattoo removal methods. It is advisable to have treatments in 6-8 week intervals and the number of treatments to eliminate the tattoo will vary depending on the size and the density of the tattoo.