Treatment of the Malar Pocket

The malar pocket is characterised by the loss of elasticity of the eyelid muscle which begins to loosen and sag as the face ages. The bulge that is created when the muscle relaxes around the cheekbone and below the lower eyelid, is often mistaken for a pocket of fat – this is called the malar pouch.

The malar pocket gives the impression of a double pocket, causing you to look aged and more tired. The only treatment that can reduce the malar pocket is the sub-palpebral lift.

The sub-palpebral lift procedure is generally combined with a lipofillling procedure to help restore lost volume at the cheekbones, or to treat hollow eye or diminish visible bags under the eyes.

This procedure focuses on restoring the lost tension of the orbital muscle. This is a muscle-lifting technique. A cosmetic surgeon who specialises in oculoplastics or eyelid surgery will re-attached the orbital muscle to make the malar pouch disappear and effectively erase the pocket.