The Treatment of Dark Circles by Lipofilling (fat transfer)

Dark circles are a common problem when it comes to the eye contour. In many cases, dark circles can be hereditary and there is no specific timeline or age at which they can appear. Permanent dark circles can make a patient appear tired even if they are in full health and have had an abundance of sleep.

Regardless of your age and whether you have red, blue or violet dark circles, this common problem can be corrected using regenerative medicine or fat injections.

Visible dark circles and discolouration under the eyes can be due to the thinness and transparency of the skin at the eye contour area.
We can make the dark circles disappear by injecting the area with stem cells taken from fat harvested from the body. Known as Nanolipostructure, this creates a layer of protection between the thin skin of the eyelid area and the capillaries that are located just beneath.

In order to obtain the best results, Dr. Hayot works with a very thin cannula to perform his latest lipofilling procedures.
If there is a significant decrease in fat, the eye will naturally appear hollow. Here a technique called Microlipostructure is used as it is a more intensive version of fat transfer.

A word from our Medical Director…
Many of my patients are concerned about their dark circles and this is one of the most difficult problems to treat. Now, with the advanced technique of Nanolipo and regenerative medicine we can give patients the most modern, effective and safe technique.
-Dr. Bernard Hayot