Face Concern – Sagging Skin

Ageing, excessive sun exposure and weight loss are the most common causes of sagging skin on the face. As you age, the skin connective tissues lose its function causing a decrease of collagen production & skin elasticity.

Losing weight over a short period of time can be at the origin of the loss of volume on temples and cheeks resulting of saggy skin on the face.

Epilium & Skin experts are available to answer your questions on the treatments available for the specific concern.

If you are looking to boost your collagen production, Viora Reaction Radio Frequency might be the right solution for you. Moreover, if you are looking to plump the face or fill wrinkles on the lower part of the face then Hyaluronic Acid injection is the most feasible option. Finally, our Thread Face Lift is the most effective non-surgical response to tighten loose, sagging skin on lower parts of the face.

> Thread face lift

> Hyaluronic Acid

> Radio Frequency / Viora