Face Concern – Blemishes and Skin Tags

If you have ever felt self-conscious by what you feel are unpleasant skin tags or blemishes on your face or body, then we invite you to book a complimentary consultation in our Marylebone clinic. Epilium & Skin’s practitioners will advise you on the course of treatments suitable for your skin concern.

Whether you would like to treat broken capillaries, spider naevi, warts and milia, APC treatment using Electrolysis offers the least invasive and most effective method to treat a wide variety of skin blemishes. The techniques have been used by doctors for more than 100 years, but have been improved and progressed with modern technology.

Are you are looking to eliminate skin imperfections such as age spots, melasma or pigmented lesions ?  Skin Rejuvenation using Picosure laser can give you back your skin confidence. Using the latest technologies, the Picosure Laser produces short pulses that penetrates at the deep layer of the skin and break the pigment.

Find out more about both procedures below

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