Body Concern – Tattoo Removal

You turned eighteen years old and got a tattoo. Maybe, you were rebellious or adventurous in your choices but now you turned 30 or plus and tell yourself: what was I thinking that day? There is no at home remedy that truly work so avoid any creams or balms that promise to lighten or erase tattoos.

Laser is the only option! It is important to note that each tattoo pigment is different and applied at different level on the dermis, therefore, we have to treat each case differently. How does it work? The laser reduces the size of the ink, to be then eliminated by the body.

At Epilium & Skin, we chose to work with Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal. This revolutionised laser delivers pulses of light in nanoseconds which allow us to offer the best results on any type of ink and all colours without damaging the skin.

To found out more about the Picosure technology and our Tattoo removal treatment, please click to the link below:

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