Tattoo Removal with PicoSure Results

Picosure laser gives very good tattoo removal results on stubborn colors. The treatment is effective on all ink colors including blues, reds and also greens. Because this device fractures the ink into very tiny particles, the body spots them easily as a forein substance. As the immune system recognises these fragments, it stimulates the natural detoxification process.

Picosure laser is the first equipment providing excellents tattoo removal results without damaging the surrounding tissues. You can achieve impressive tattoo clearance from just one session. Also you will notice good results on clear resistant tattoos that did not respond to other tattoo removal lasers. You can also consider just fading your tattoo if you want it to be covered by a new design. This will only require 2 to 3 sessions.

Tattoo removal results may vary from person to person as every tattoo is different. The number of sessions will first of all depends on the colour and ink density of the tattoo. Therefore, you should notice that your immune response and detoxification capacity also play a role in the process.

This laser is the gold standard and provide the bests results in erasing tattoos. Our clients will always receive the fatest and the most effective protocols, saving both time and money.

Tattoo removal progress over five weeks with picosure