LipoStructure or Fat Transfer (Regenerative Medicine)

This procedure is a revolution when it comes to regenerative medicine and has a profound effect on the contours of the face. With age, we lose fat and muscle tension and fat is very important in order to maintain a more youthful looking face.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Hayot learned this technique from leading Surgeon Dr. Sydney Coleman. The procedure consists of extracting some of the patient’s fat from the abdomen or the inner side of the knees by performing a micro-liposuction. The fat is prepared and refined before being re-injected.

This fat transfer technique can be used to treat the eyelids, dark circles, malar pouch, wrinkles, skin texture, neck, hands, hollow eye etc.

A word from our Medical Director…

In my opinion, fat transfer and regenerative medicine is the future of anti-aging techniques. We can restore lost volume, treat wrinkles and regenerate the tissue using your own cells. For years we have been using injectables to rejuvenate but now, with advances in stem cell therapy, we can regenerate the tissue- this is a revolutiuon.

-Dr. Bernard Hayot