The Brazilian Butt Lift

Our team of surgeons do not perform this procedure simply to provide women with “bigger butts”. The Brazilian butt lift is the most natural and safest way to augment the buttocks to accentuate the curves you already have and/or would like to gain.

Typical candidates for this procedure would be women who have flat or sagging buttocks or someone who has had significant weight loss which in turn has changed the shape of this particular body part. It is important to note that the surgeon needs a significant amount of fat to shape the buttock therefore, woman too thin are not suitable for this surgery

Before and after buttocks augmentation with brazilian butt lift treatment


The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is performed either under general anaesthesia or under local anaesthetic with sedation, and is treated as a day case, so the patient will not usually have to stay overnight.
This procedure usually takes one hour. Following the operation, there is a quick recovery with no cuts and minimal scarring.
The procedure systematically begins by a classic liposuction of the abdomen, hips and/or thighs to reshape the silhouette which will then allow the surgeon to redraw the shape of the buttocks before injecting the fat.

After the initial liposuction, the fat is carefully processed and purified by decanting and centrifugation, and then distributes homogeneously on the upper part of the buttocks using a fine cannula. Surgeons use specialist sculpting technique to accentuate the patient’s existing curves. The volume of fat for a Brazillian Butt Lift varies between 200 to 250 cc.


  • The Fat is an autologous product, 100% natural. no risk of rejection or allergy.
  • The result is definitive.
  • There are no scars. Almost invisible incisions of less than a millimeter. The incisions are closed with resorbable thread.
  • The result of lipofilling of the buttocks is visible immediately but the definitive outcome can be seen after three to six months.
  • The glutes are rounded, firmer and better shaped. It is quite normal that patient lose up to 30% of volume in the weeks following the intervention.


  • Oedema and bruising disappear in a few weeks.
  • It is advisable to sleep on your stomach for three weeks and sit on the lower part of the buttocks as much as possible.
  • The resumption of activities can be considered after a week.
  • Going back to the gym can be considered a 1 month after the surgery