Reshaping the nose can have a dramatic effect on the face. A rhinoplasty can be referred to as a ‘nose job’ and is performed to make the nose straighter, remove any bumps, reconstruct the tip and refine the general shape. A rhinoplasty can be purely cosmetic but it can also help restructure the nose and improve the patient’s ability to breathe.

Each individual case is different and this is a delicate operation which needs a bespoke approach.

With regards to nose reshaping for cosmetic purposes, a plastic surgeon is able to make the nose smaller by removing some bone or cartilage. The nose can be made larger by using cartilage from the ears or bone from the hips or elbow. In order to modify the shape of the nose, the nostrils can be augmented and the existing bone and cartilage can be rearranged.

A rhinoplasty can take from 1-3 hours of surgery depending on the level of complexity and can take 2 weeks of downtime to heal. After one week the stitches and splint are removed and after two weeks the bruises and swelling will start to reduce.