Mini face lift

The mini face lift is the perfect procedure if you are looking to rejuvenate your facial appearance. Ageing is visible through the loss of volume in the face which causes sagging skin. To counter the undesired effects of ageing, (without stretching the face too much), our team of surgeons propose a mini facelift for the lower part of the face, which guarantees patients the most natural possible result.

The mini facelift is a surgical procedure that consists of tightening the contour of the face and the neck which have slackened.

Our surgeons sculpt the contour of the face by lifting the tissue upwards (vertical rise) or a cervico-face lift upon the patient needs and desired result.
This procedure is performed under general anaesthetic.

The post-surgery effects are minimal, and patients can go back to their normal activity after one week. Little bruises may appear around the neck which can easily be hidden with a scarf or make-up.

As a result, the skin is lifted which reduces sagging skin, to create a smoother profile around the jaw line and the neck. Patients look younger and less tired following the procedure like they’ve wound back the years.

Before and after eye lift treatment by Dr. Hayot