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The New Approach to Eyelid Surgery at Epilium & Skin

After many years of practice, and following his training with Dr Sydney Coleman, Dr Hayot realised that ageing was cause by excess skin but caused by a decrease in fat volume over the top part of the face.

His analysis was that the best to make the face more beautiful, whilst giving it a youthful appearance was to restore diminished volumes.The most natural looking way to do this is  by reinjecting fat into eylelids and temples without cutting too much skin.

By sculpting with fat, the face can be given a more refreshed and youthful as well permanent appearance. This technique also help to also to correct problems such as hollowness around the eyes.


Upper Eyelid Surgery :

As we get older, so we suffer from excess  skin, due to the loosening of muscles and a decrease in fat tissue. This causes the eyelid to appear heavy and droopy making a person look tired or old.

Cosmetic surgery in the upper eyelid area consists of removing excess skin by cutting the palpebral fold with a laser to avoid any bleeding. At the same time, the surgeon, will be able to remove any possible fat herniation.

Most of the time, this upper eyelid surgery is combined with fat transfer.

We also loose fat in the temples causing them to hollow out. This in turn leads the end of the eyebrows to sink.  Dr Hayot recommends the temple area, eyelids and  wrinkles be filled with fat to naturally re-lift the eye area. In particular treating the eyelid via this method helps restore a youthful appearance.

There is no one set way in which we carry out our upper eyelid surgery. Each is patient is different and during the consultation,our surgeon will advise the most appropriate treatment for the most natural results.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

As you grow older, so we see a slackening of the skin in the form of bags look and dark circles under the eyes.

To remove bags Under the eyes, Dr Hayot makes a very thin incision with a CO2 laser. He then removes the fat bags under the eyes with immediate cauterisation of the tissue. Both techniques help to avoid scarring or having to use stiches.

This surgery won’t change the look of the patient but will naturally enhance their beauty.

If the patient also needs to get rid of wrinkles, the surgeon will utilise to a pinch blepharoplasty by withdrawing 1 or 2 mm skin by pinching without separating.

This technique will not result in a pulled down appearance of the eye shape as only minimal skin excess is removed.

We commonly combine this surgery with lipofilling to lift the skin, and restore lost volumes.

Dark Circles Treatment by Lipofilling

There is no specific age at which a patient may need to have dark circles under the eyes remove as this can be congenital and hereditary.

Whatever your age and wether you have red, blue or violet circles, they can be corrected with fat injections.

The colour Under the eyes is the result of skin thinness or transparency,that reveals the muscle or blood underneath the skin.

We can make the dark circles disappear by injecting the area with stem cells taken from fat. Known as Nanolipostructure,  this creates a layer of protection between the thin skin of the eyelid area and the capillaries that are located underneath.

Dr Hayot works with very thin cannulae and these latest lipofilling procedures are much more precise.

If a decrease in fat through ageing causes the eye to appear hollow, we will use a technique called Microlipostructure which is a more intensive fat transfer.

Treatment of the Malar Pocket

The malar pocket is characterised by the ptosis of the eyelid muscle which begins to sag as the face ages. The bulge that is created when the muscle relaxes around the cheekbone and below the lower eyelid, is often mistaken for a pocket of fat.

The malar pocket gives the impression of a double pocket, causing you to look older and more tired. The only treatment that can reduce the malar pocket is the sub-palpebral lift.

The sub palpebral lift is generally combined with a lipofillling to restore the volume of the cheekbone or temple, or to treat hollow bags under the eyes.

This procedures requires a restoration of the tension of the orbital muscle, i.e a muscle lift. A cosmetic surgeon who specialises in eyelid surgery will re-attached the orbital muscle to make the ptosis disappear and to erase the pocket.