Prices > Laser Hair Removal Prices for Men

Laser Hair Removal Cost for Men

AreaSingle Treatment4 Treatment courseSingle maintenance treatment
Glabella, Ears or Nose£30£85£25
Cheeks, Temples or Mustache
Beard and Front of Neck
Collar or Nape
Shoudlders or Lower Back£100£280£70
Lower back & sides£190£535£135
Chest or Abdomen£100£280£70
Full legs & feet£450£1260£315
Classic Bikini£120£340£85
Upper back, shoulders & nape
Chest abdomen & neck
Lowers arms & hands£120£340£85
Full arms & hands£180£500£125
Hands or Feet£50£140£35
Buttocks & Peri Anal£180£500£125
Peri Anal£70£200£50
Classic Bikini£120£340£85
Extended Bikini£200£560£140
Full legs & feet£450£1260£315
Full back – Upon Consultation

Multiple areas

AreaSingle Treatment4 Treatment CourseMaintenance Treatment
Upper back, shoulders & Nape£300£840£210
Chest, abdomen & neck£230£645£165
Cheeks, ears, nose, temples & glabella£100£280£70
Buttocks, peri anal & classic bikini£250£700£175
Buttocks, peri anal & extended bikini£320£900£225
Buttocks, peri anal, full leg & feet£550£1540£385