Treatment of the Malar Pocket (Eye Bags)

The malar pocket is characterised by the loss of elasticity of the eyelid muscle located on the upper area of the cheek on the malar bone. The bulge that is created when the muscle relaxes around the cheekbone and below the lower eyelid, is often mistaken for a pocket of fat – this is called the malar pouch.

The malar pocket gives the impression of a double under-eye circle, causing you to look aged and more tired. The Malar pocket can be formed due to either an inflammatory oedema combined with muscular looseness or the deflating fat at the tear trough area.

The only treatment that can reduce the malar pocket is the sub-palpebral lift. The surgery comprises a small incision along the lash line using a laser scalpel to perform the sub-muscular lift which tightens and fastens the excess muscle. This procedure focuses on restoring the lost tension of the orbital muscle. This is a muscle-lifting technique. A cosmetic surgeon who specialises in oculoplastic or eyelid surgery will re-attach the orbital muscle to make the malar pouch disappear and effectively erase the pocket.

The sub-palpebral lift procedure is generally combined with a cheekbone fat transfer (or lipostructure) procedure to help restore lost volume in the cheek area, or to treat hollow eyes or diminish visible dark circles under the eyes.

Before the procedure, an initial consultation is planned with Dr Hayot to discuss the patients personal goals and concerns. A blood test evaluation will be required in order to gather the patient health information and to achieve the greatest outcome with the minimum risk possible.


  • Malar lifting treats at the same time the loss of fat and the orbicularis muscle loosening.
  • The muscles are naturally tightened.
  • The micro-lipostructure offers a permanent result.
  • There are no visible scars which are hidden along the edge of the lashes.


We strongly suggest taking 12 days off any activities and your time out of work will be discussed with your surgeon during the post-surgery consultation.
The healing will take few weeks and you’ll be able to enjoy the results … days/week after the surgery.

Illustration of woman's eye for malar bag surgery and cheekbone fat transfer