Fat injections into wrinkles

For more than 30 years, aesthetic surgeons have proposed anti-wrinkles solutions which use of chemical components such as botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid injections.

20 years ago, our Medical Director, Dr Hayot learned the revolutionary technique of fat injections from leading surgeon Dr Sydney Coleman. He brings the method back to his Parisian Clinic and developed his own techniques for preparing the fat. The procedure consists of extracting some of the patient’s fat from the abdomen or the inner side of the knees by performing a micro-liposuction using a micro-cannula. The fat is then rinsed into a special filter and meticulously cleans to remove all fibrous cells before being re-injected.

This way the fat is much more purer and smoother and can be injected with very thin needles and therefore can be injected into wrinkles.

The Fat injections can be used to treat the nasolabial folds (between the nose and the mouth), perioral wrinkles (smokers’ wrinkles around the mouth), crows’ feet (over the outer corner of the eye), neckline wrinkles without having to resort to any foreign bodies.

In Dr Hayot’s opinion, Fat Transfer is a more reliable, more effective, more sustainable solution, and offers a more natural and long-lasting result than any other injectable solutions. Finally, the recovery time for the surgery is very short; bruises and swelling diminish a few days after the surgery and can be covered up with make-up very easily.

Each patient’s requirements are different, and it is important to note that the procedure may require a different approach for each one of them. The initial consultation with Dr Hayot will allow him to understand your personal goals and concerns but also will determine which approach he should be using in order to assure the best result with the minimum risk.


In my opinion, fat transfer and regenerative medicine is the future of anti-aging techniques. We can restore lost volume, treat wrinkles and regenerate the tissue using your own cells. For years we have been using injectables to rejuvenate but now, with advances in stem cell therapy, we can regenerate the tissue- this is a revolution.


  • Immediate results after the surgery
  • The results of the fat injections are not ephemeral like any injectable treatments.
  • It is the patient’s own fat therefore there is no risk of complications.
  • The stem cells from the fat injections aid to rejuvenate the skin.
  • The fat injections into wrinkles gives a natural and discreet result.
  • Fat injections into wrinkles can be done simultaneously with a blepharoplasty for a more youthful appearance.


We advise to take 5 to 7 days off upon the quantity of fat injected and the number of areas treated. The side effects disappear a few days after the surgery and this is where the results appear.

The results are still developing over time due to the stem cells that fat contain which will activate your natural collagen production and fight against the new sign of ageing.


Before and after nano fat transfer treatment on woman's face