Why Get a Facelift?

As a natural result of aging, we all lose fat volume in our face. Along with that, the skin tissue on one’s face and neck loses its elasticity. The consequence of all this is sagging skin, in the areas of the cheeks and neck, resulting in unsightly wrinkles and jowls. Therefore, if you want results that would be with you for a while, then thread facelift is a great option.

Is a Facelift the best option for me?

Thanks to the prevalence of non-invasive techniques and their marketing, you might have been told that fillers, thread lifts, and other cosmetic medicine procedures have replaced surgical facelifts, but unfortunately that is not true. Many patients have been disappointed by most of these aesthetic procedures which have only short-term effects, lasting only a few months as opposed to facelift surgery that has lasting results.

What Is A Facelift?

A surgical facelift is the only solution to restore the natural, younger version of yourself you remembered from years ago. Because excess skin needs to be removed, and deep facial tissues tightened, only surgery will give you the truly remarkable results you’re looking for. When performed by highly qualified surgeons (such as the skilled surgeon’s at our London clinic) facelift surgery is the safest and the best option for natural rejuvenation with hidden scars and fast recovery.

Facelift Recovery

The effects of plastic surgery are minimal. Often patients can go back to their normal activity after one week. Minor bruising may appear around the neck which can easily be hidden with a scarf or make-up.

The result of facelift is exceptional. The skin is lifted, which reduces the appearance of sagging skin, and creates a smoother profile around the jawline and neck. Patients look younger and less tired following the facelift procedure, like they’ve wound back the years.

Facelift Surgery at Epilium & Skin London

Facelifts in our London clinic are performed by Dr Guillaume Lemierre. Dr Lemierre is a French plastic surgeon with 15 years’ experience. He travelled the world training in the latest techniques available in aesthetic surgery. His goal is to make his patients feel more beautiful in the most natural way.

Before and after eye lift treatment by Dr. Hayot