Currently, the only effective way to remove a tattoo is to use a laser treatment. The Picosure laser revolutionizes tattoo removal and offers you a solution recognized by the profession as currently the most effective in the world to erase all types of tattoo.

Unlike traditional lasers, the PicoSure emits very short pulses of energy that break the ink of the tattoo into fine particles that the body can eliminate more easily. Thanks to a very short pulse duration, 100 times faster than traditional lasers, the power of this laser causes the fragmentation and disappearance of all colour pigments without the risk of burns. In just 4 to 10 sessions, the pigments are reduced in microparticles more easily removed by the body: the tattoo has completely disappeared from the surface of your skin.

The benefits of Picosure laser tattoo removal:

• Thanks to a pulse duration of about one picosecond (4-10 s), the thermal effect is minimal: there is no more risk of burns or scars, tolerance and efficiency are optimal.
• Thanks to a faster healing of the tissues, the sessions are spaced by 8 weeks only (against 8 to 10 weeks with the Q-switched lasers)
• The number of sessions is reduced by half: Only 4 to 10 sessions are necessary to be totally untarred (against 10 to 20 sessions with the Q-switched lasers).
• Unlike older lasers, Picosure processes all types of tattoos and all types of inks, even the most resistant (blue, green and dark inks).