On which skin types does the tattoo removal work best?

The Picosure laser can remove tattoos for all skin types from phototype 1 (light skin) to phototype 4 (matte skin).

However, patients belonging to groups 3 and 4 require more care from the practitioner. In Epilium & Skin, our specialists in laser tattoo removal technology will take care of you and ensure that all safety rules are respected.

Furthermore, it is strongly discouraged to use tattoo removal on very dark and black skin because they involve a high risk of depigmentation of the tattooed area. The skin types rich in melanin absorb the energy of the laser beam and divert it from its purpose: the pigments. Thus, causing severe disorders of pigmentation and scars. In the majority of cases, a lighter, slightly pinkish trace tends to appear permanently and irreversibly on the entire tattooed area.