Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas: Face

Removing hair from the face using a laser is effective in treating the upper lip, the chin, and the inter-brow. Recommended treatments will depend on the patient’s age and physiology. Normally only thick black hair can be removed by laser. Other types of hair will not respond favourably and, ironically can cause further, denser growth. In some cases, the consultant may suggest that electrolysis would be a more beneficial treatment as it destroys the individual hair bulbs. Removing facial hair by laser from the inter-brow area is a highly effective way to avoid plucking. Removing hair from near the eyebrows using a laser is a very delicate procedure. The hair is strong and spiky. While we can remove hair from the inter-brow, a laser cannot be used to reshape the whole eyebrow as it is not sufficiently precise.

Laser Hair Removal for women's face including chin, unibrow, upper lip