Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas: Bikini

Bikini area laser hair removal is a highly effective way to achieve a permanent result, and any remaining hair can be shaped to a style of your choice. Intimate hair removal by laser is the safest method for all those patients with problems of irritation, ingrown hairs or excessive hair. There are different styles of hair removal available, such as:

  • Standard Bikini line
  • Extended Bikini line
  • Brazilian: Covers the entire bikini line area, front to the back. Sometimes a small triangle is left at the front
  • Hollywood: Also known as full removal, where all pubic hair is removed

We advise 8 to 10 sessions, each spaced 6 to 8 weeks after hair regrowth. It will typically take 20 to 30 minutes per session. Also, at the request of patients, hair removal can also treat the intergluteal cleft.

Woman side profile in bikini promoting non surgical services from Epilium and Skin