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We built our Laser hair removal clinc in London  in 2017. From the 15 years experience of laser hair removal in our Parisian clinics surrounded by Doctors, we have developed High standard laser protocols to ensure maximum results

Skilled and experienced practitioners

Our laser hair removal is carried out by highly skilled and experienced practitioners trained by doctors.

Less sessions

Our high medical settings mean you require less sessions saving your time and the money to remove unwanted hair.

Award winning lasers

We only use award winning Elite+ lasers from the industry leading brand Cynosure laser for hair removal in London | Epilium & Skin

Our lasers for hair removal are High class level IV which can treat both men and women of all skin types from light to dark.

90% permanent reduction of hair growth

Up to 90% permanent reduction of hair growth seeing difference from just 4 sessions

Understanding laser hair removal

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Our team of specialists are dedicated in helping each individual patient achieve their specific beauty goals.

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Laser Hair Removal in London - Medical grade | Epilium & Skin

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